Hi, I'm Peter T. Brown, a technology entrepreneur, artist and intellectual. I started out in college studying Japanese and computer science but that was in the late 90's and hey, the opportunity seemed unique, so I dropped out and started a series of technology companies. Some did better than others; mostly the best are yet to come.

I'm currently the CTO and co-founder of Pathable, Inc., where we make conferences better for organizers and attendees. Some friends and I developed a large scale interactive musical instrument for Burning Man. I made a small tool for chatting in pictures, an experiment in community sharing, and a personal search engine for all the sites you visit. I've also released a number of open source projects generally related to JavaScript and Ruby programming. Most recently I created the admiral library for managing Meteor projects on AWS EC2.

You can find me partially engaged on Facebook and Twitter. I've got a few places listed on AirBnb too. Feel free to email me. I'm p at ptb dot io.

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