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Hi, I'm Peter T. Brown, a software engineer, serial entrepreneur, occasional artist, and wannabe intellectual. Lately, I've also become an angel investor, small-time philanthropist, and private pilot. I started out in college studying Japanese and computer science, but that was in the late '90s, and hey, the opportunity seemed unique, so I dropped out and started a series of technology companies. Some did better than others; mostly, the best are yet to come.

Currently, I live in Friday Harbor, WA with my wife and son. For over 20 years I've been a digital nomad, traveling about half the year and working remotely. I've recently become the president of the San Juan Islands Pilots Association.

My last position was as VP of Research & Development at Community Brands. Before they acquired us, I was CTO and co-founder of Pathable for nearly 15 years, where we made software for in-person and virtual events.

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